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The Photoless Photography Blog Post - Part I

The vacuous expanse of interstellar space is second only in size to the vast stretches of time between my blog posts. Their frequency tallies quite neatly with time spent away from work, when the muscle of my mind relaxes and I remember how to write real good and stuff.

Time away from work is currently and joyfully in abundance. I’m travelling around Nepal with my wife for two months and it’s one holy cow of an adventure. There’s mountains, some so high they need a taxi home to sleep it off. There’s bumble bees as big as my thumb. I would go as far as saying that most things are a different size to what I’m used to. It’s well exotic.

So far we’ve been on a few jungle safaris, one on top of an elephant, the other walking. Elephants are decent, great trunks. We saw some fresh tiger footprints but no tigers. The guide on the walking tour found magic mushrooms in a crusty pile of rhino dung which delighted him greatly. He'll give them to "a friend" he said. Yeah right mate, the packet of fags mum found in my school trousers belonged to the same friend.

In the southern rural areas the local delicacy is fish head, deep fried until the bones go soft. The hosts laughed heartily when we asked "How does one eat a fish head?". The response was "You put it in your mouth and chew". Someone had taken too many shrooms the day they thought that was a good idea. I can’t see them catching on in the UK. Not because we’re snobs though, the Brits will consume their body weight in anuses if you sprinkle with herbs, wrap in pastry and call it a sausage roll. At least Nepali’s eat the friendly end of their animals. Maybe I’m wrong and deep fried fish head with smashed avocado, plucked with chopsticks from a waiters pocket will be the next big thing in London.

Should there be photos on a photography blog post? Yeah, probably, but you’ll just have to put up with words on this one.

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