Rāmrō Kēṭā

"Good boy" I said, smiling to the dog we'd named Houdini as he stared back at me, his eyes wide with the belief that there were digestive biscuits in my rucksack.

Prime Cuts

Meat preparation and retail for the carnivorous consumer.

Mother and Motherland are Greater than Heaven

An unforgettable Nepalese adventure; from the lowland Chitwan jungle via the nooks and crannies of Kathmandu, to an ascent through the Himalaya, rich with the aroma of juniper.


Screaming bile and fury atop the stench of sweat and dung. Heck playing The Barn stage at Truck Festival on a balmy July morning.


A trip to the Zoo for a gawk at the underwater flora and overwater fauna.

"I'm Fine Thanks"

A curated collection of moments resulting in an ever evolving document of Britain, all filtered through my particular worldview and experience.

Victory Garden

A B C, easy as self sufficiency.

That's Entertainment!

Strumming and shape cutting, from sweaty gigs to balmy festival days.

Blad the Impaler

Adventures with medium format film, predominantly from a Hasselblad 503CX.


A miscellany from my 35mm equipped wanders.

Ode to Joy

Iceland, Norway, Croatia and a bunch of other European excursions captured in photographs.

Commercial Work

A selection of graphic design and photography work across a variety of commercial projects.