On Land

Icelandic momentum, cold volcanic rock and glacial smears.


Screaming bile and fury atop the stench of sweat and dung. Heck playing The Barn stage at Truck Festival on a balmy July morning.

The Haggis Horns & Mr Thing

Boisterous brass and rambunctious rhythms courtesy of The Haggis Horns and Mr Thing at Down From Day One in Walthamstow.

Euro Disney

European Disney excursion for Christmas 2015.

Norman Jay

The venerable Norman Jay getting bums off seats at Down From Day One in Walthamstow.


A ramble around the 'Burgh, seeing what's to be seen.

Worth The Hassel

First few shots from the 503CX.

J'adore Le Banane

A homage to the work of anonymous sculptors. Those that have strewn the sheath of their previous meal to leave a yellow shadow of people in transit.

O2 - Think Big

I've got the poison, I've got the summary.